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Hello, thank you for your interest.

Born to a German accountant and a Finnish teacher in an industrial town in Westgermany, I went to school there for 12 years. After school I did several jobs for 2 years . Then I joined a cafe in my hometown and am continuosly working there since more than 20 years.


Since the late 70s I developed interest in electronic music. Starting with a cheap keyboard and fastly adding an Arp Odyssey Synthesizer and Arp Sequencer, Akai X7000 Sampler, Sequential Studio 440 and different other smaller tools I developed my unique personal electronic music, genuinely exploring the universe of electronic sound opportunities, fearlessly combining sampled atmospheres and texts with a typical German style minimal, sequencer based rhythm creating private music between ambient, trance, pop and acid.

I do not see me as the single creator of my music, but as a medium receiving and channeling this music and as a spiritual, psychedelic traveller, exploring deep into the universe of electronics and communicating more than just pushing the faders and buttons of my electronic slaves. The relation to my instruments is one of deep almost spiritual respect. They open doors to universes of sound.

My basic idea to make music was to create personal reactions on perceived media and to melt private feelings and thoughts into it, thus creating perfectly personalized variations of actual musical patterns. On different occasions i gave concerts with several friends. I find it difficult to create the trance I prefer while playing on my electronic instruments if I am watched by many people. Still my music would not be possible without the different co-musicians, lots of friends and private listeners to whom these songs have been played and sometimes also recorded on cassettes and CDs.

Being my recreation and not my profession music has always been very difficult for me to commercialize. Still i travel through these electronic audio universes, mostly on my Mac with Logic. Sometimes i refine my sessions up to recording level, but in my whole 25 years of electronic music just two pieces have been released to the public on CD. Luckily there is a group of likeminded electronic musicians in my town, so that there are and have been different forms of electronic music projects going on.


From my early 20s I started to travel. My first journeys took me around Europe. I developed the habit of returning again to the places I had visited, to learn more about the different societies that had welcomed me.

1989 I made my first trip to Asia and chose Nepal as destination. Since that time I have travelled to Nepal year by year, and expanded the duration of my visits. In Nepal I was welcomed by a society completely different from the Western society I had been raised in. Despite the average poverty,the people of Nepal are the kindest and heartliest people I have met until now.

With good luck and the ability to adjust myself to different social settings I spent my first month in a Nepali village during my second journey to Nepal in 1990. Since then I have kept and deepened my relation to that village. I have learnt Nepali language and thus had the chance to learn deeply about the social structure of the Nepali society.

Nowadays I have more friends in Nepal than in my own country. My Nepali friends mostly belong to the ruling group in the Nepali society, the Brahmin and Chetri. Although leading the country, the majority of these people live in what we would call poverty, but from my deep experience I can tell that the honour and dignity of their life is by far more developed than our rich but immoral western lifestyle.

As most of my friends are Hindus, I have learnt a lot about their believes, I also learnt about the ancient belief in faithhealing, which is still existing and mixed with the belief in the highly developed religions of Hinduism and Buddhism. In Nepal I have found the deepness of thought and belief that I have been missing in our Western culture.

I am thankful that my life's path led me to this beautiful country, that since ancient times has been a place for wisdomseekers and all kind of religiously and spiritually developing humans. Nepal is changing fast, the magic of this country is the coexistance of ancient believes and habits with modern Western lifestyle, protected by the mighty Himalaya.


Since my childhood i take interest in religion, as soon as i was able to read independently, reports by early world travellers about different cultures and religions readily got my interest. For years i read all kind of religious, philosophical and cultural books of different depth and integrity.

After having integrated myself into the left political youth of my town I made the experience that any struggle to change outer realities without preparing the inner ground is worthless and must fail. So I drew the conclusion that privacy is politics and since then focus on my inner development.

I do believe that we have the duty to live up to our highest moral and ethical visions and ideals, with the difficulty and limitation that we only have the right to change ourselves. We all may not demand change from anybody else, we have to change ourselves and become selfexplaining living examples for our ideas.

My private studies of Christianity, Buddhism, Shamanism, Hinduism and other believes and rites made me the founder, priest and single member of my own religion. I practice Christian behaviour, cultivate Buddhist thinking and joyfully celebrate not only Hindu or shamanic rituals.

My life as I see it is highly religious, social and political, a neverending shamanic journey in conscious, humanistic devotion through a holistic universe being a part as well as the whole in continuous change for eternal selfbetterment.


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