Taken during a three month stay in autumn 2003 these photos portrait the typical faces of true Nepali village life.
59 pictures/2003

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AnupHumagain-01 bahini-01 BinodAnupDinesh-01 BinodBK-01 boyatprogram-01
AnupHumagain-01.jpg bahini-01.jpg BinodAnupDinesh-... BinodBK-01.jpg boyatprogram-01.jpg
brothersisters-01 Chaurelfamily-01 deepak2003A-01 DevendraBK01-01 Dhobi-Khola-sunrise-01
brothersisters-0... Chaurelfamily-01... deepak2003A-01.jpg DevendraBK01-01.jpg Dhobi-Khola-sunr...
DurbarKCfamily02-01 Fabrosisters-01 farmonhill-01 Father-Uddhav-01 FatherChaurel-01
DurbarKCfamily02... Fabrosisters-01.jpg farmonhill-01.jpg Father-Uddhav-01... FatherChaurel-01...
girlsonping-01 girlswork-01 indradebi-01 KanchoChaurel-01 keti-01
girlsonping-01.jpg girlswork-01.jpg indradebi-01.jpg KanchoChaurel-01... keti-01.jpg
Khadkafamily-01 khami-girls-01 kishulal-01 KrishnaChaurel-01 KrishnaRaj-01
Khadkafamily-01.jpg khami-girls-01.jpg kishulal-01.jpg KrishnaChaurel-0... KrishnaRaj-01.jpg
Kumar-01 KumarKhadka01-01 KumarKhadka02-01 Laxman-01 Malati-01
Kumar-01.jpg KumarKhadka01-01... KumarKhadka02-01... Laxman-01.jpg Malati-01.jpg
MalatiChaurel-01 MalatiChaurel01-01 militaryhimalaya-01 morningview-01 NavarajSumanSarita-01
MalatiChaurel-01... MalatiChaurel01-... militaryhimalaya... morningview-01.jpg NavarajSumanSari...
neighbourgirls Parmilla-01 Phawan-01 playingleaves-01 PrladsAnganview-01
neighbourgirls.jpg Parmilla-01.jpg Phawan-01.jpg playingleaves-01... PrladsAnganview-...
purebeauty-01 PurnaAcharya-01 Rajesh-01 Rajesh01-01 Sabina-01
purebeauty-01.jpg PurnaAcharya-01.jpg Rajesh-01.jpg Rajesh01-01.jpg Sabina-01.jpg
SabitaRocca-01 SangitaPushpa-01 Shanti-01 student-nepal-village-01 Sudip-01
SabitaRocca-01.jpg SangitaPushpa-01... Shanti-01.jpg student-nepal-vi... Sudip-01.jpg
Suntali-01 suntali-maize-peeling-01 Tamang-bahini-01 Tamang-bhai-01 TchapFulchoki-01
Suntali-01.jpg suntali-maize-pe... Tamang-bahini-01... Tamang-bhai-01.jpg TchapFulchoki-01...
Uddhav-father-01 UrmillaChaurel-01 work2live-01 YSdhobikhola-01
Uddhav-father-01... UrmillaChaurel-0... work2live-01.jpg YSdhobikhola-01.jpg

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Roshi Bazar - a village in Nepal 2002
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