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- Panauti - an ancient, religious place in Nepal

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The small, ancient town of Panauti in Kavre District of Nepal is the perfect place to explore off-mainstream Nepal individually.
At the confluence of Roshi and Puniamati rivers the perfectly renovated 'Indreshwar Mahadev'- Shiva temple aerea of Panauti is a beautiful jewel
among the rich variety of sacred places close to Kathmandu.

These photos show some impressions of the great cultural heritage of Panauti and the people living there.

Panauti - an ancient village in Nepal
35 pictures/2000-2003 ©YURGAN all rights reserved
00_Panauti_Nepal Barthaband-pooja_03 Barthaband-pooja_06 Barthaband-pooja_22 Barthaband-pooja_23
00_Panauti_Nepal... Barthaband-pooja... Barthaband-pooja... Barthaband-pooja... Barthaband-pooja...
Barthaband_pooja_01 Bel-pooja_00_Panauti Bel_pooja_01_Panauti Bel_pooja_02_Panauti Bel_pooja_03_Panauti
Barthaband_pooja... Bel-pooja_00_Pan... Bel_pooja_01_Pan... Bel_pooja_02_Pan... Bel_pooja_03_Pan...
Bel_pooja_Panauti Bhairav_shrine_Panauti Bhairav_shrine_temple Deity_Panauti_Nepal Ghats_Panauti
Bel_pooja_Panaut... Bhairav_shrine_P... Bhairav_shrine_t... Deity_Panauti_Ne... Ghats_Panauti.jpg
Goraknath_hill_Panauti Indreshwar_carving Indreshwar_carvings Indreshwar_temple_Panauti Indreshwar_woodcarving
Goraknath_hill_P... Indreshwar_carvi... Indreshwar_carvi... Indreshwar_templ... Indreshwar_woodc...
Karim_playing_kids kids_at_temple Narayan_Vishnu_Panauti Old_Woman_Pooja Panauti_Himalaya
Karim_playing_ki... kids_at_temple.jpg Narayan_Vishnu_P... Old_Woman_Pooja.jpg Panauti_Himalaya...
Panauti_Jatra_2058_00 Panauti_Jatra_2058_10 Panauti_Jatra_2058_11 Panauti_municipality Panauti_Nepal_panorama
Panauti_Jatra_20... Panauti_Jatra_20... Panauti_Jatra_20... Panauti_municipa... Panauti_Nepal_pa...
Panauti_old_village Panauti_students Panauti_Temples Pan_seller_Panauti Trivhenighat_Panauti
Panauti_old_vill... Panauti_students... Panauti_Temples.jpg Pan_seller_Panau... Trivhenighat_Pan...

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