Countless Gods and Godesses are present everywhere in Nepal.
With every step you see small shrines and sculptures for different deities.
Every house has its own shrine where the family god
and the major gods of Hinduism and Buddhism are worshipped in the morning and the evening.
Despite the fastly progressing modernization of the Nepali society
there is still a strong and persistent religious believe, that can be felt everywhere.

The daily offerings are simple, a little bit of rice, some flowers, water
and colourful powders are offered. Incense is burnt and small oillamps are lit.
There are two major religions in Nepal, Hinduism and Buddhism,
but the ways of worshipping do not seem to be very different.

The big temples have been built mostly by the Newar Kings of Nepal
on places used to meditate and worship since ancient times,
several places are worshipped by Hindus and Buddhists as well.

To foreigners the mostly happy religious celebrations are appealing,
because of their colourfulness and their public accessibility.
Only the innermost part of the temples may not be entered by non-believers.
But as most of the religious ceremonies are happening either at the own house or in the temple premises,
they are easily to watch and foreigners are welcome guests.

Have a glimpse on the religious life in Nepal and enjoy the beauty of a high culture,
that is slowly going to be the past of this impressing country.

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