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at_Dakshin_Kali at_Hanuman-Dhoka_05 at_Swayambunath_09 Bhadrakali Big_balance_02
at_Dakshin_Kali.jpg at_Hanuman-Dhoka... at_Swayambunath_... Bhadrakali.jpg Big_balance_02.jpg
biking Bisheshor black_Bhairab_01 busses_evening calculating_02
biking.jpg Bisheshor.jpg black_Bhairab_01... busses_evening.jpg calculating_02.jpg
city_kids_01 dentist_03 Dhurbar_family Garuda girl_pooja
city_kids_01.jpg dentist_03.jpg Dhurbar_family.jpg Garuda.jpg girl_pooja.jpg
Hanuman_Dhoka_02 Hanuman_Dhoka_09 Indian_porters in_Kastap_mandir meatshop_02
Hanuman_Dhoka_02... Hanuman_Dhoka_09... Indian_porters.jpg in_Kastap_mandir... meatshop_02.jpg
Pashupatinath_05 Pashupatinath_11 Pashupatinath_12 Pashupatinath_14 pool_swim_01
Pashupatinath_05... Pashupatinath_11... Pashupatinath_12... Pashupatinath_14... pool_swim_01.jpg
Printer_Bhimsensthan Rajendra ritual_colours shopkeeper_01 shopkeeping_woman
Printer_Bhimsens... Rajendra.jpg ritual_colours.jpg shopkeeper_01.jpg shopkeeping_woma...
shopping sleeping_boy snackshop_01 snackshop_03 Supendra
shopping.jpg sleeping_boy.jpg snackshop_01.jpg snackshop_03.jpg Supendra.jpg
Swayambunath_06 Swayambunath_09 Swayambunath_14 Swayambunath_pooja_01 Swayambunath_pooja_02
Swayambunath_06.jpg Swayambunath_09.jpg Swayambunath_14.jpg Swayambunath_poo... Swayambunath_poo...
Swayambunath_stupa_01 Swayambunath_Vajra templemonkeys temple_detail_04 temple_detail_05
Swayambunath_stu... Swayambunath_Vaj... templemonkeys.jpg temple_detail_04... temple_detail_05...
temple_detail_09 temple_detail_10 temple_detail_11 temple_detail_12 used_clothes
temple_detail_09... temple_detail_10... temple_detail_11... temple_detail_12... used_clothes.jpg
veg_at_temple watches_on_street wedding_bride wedding_offering_03 wedding_women_02
veg_at_temple.jpg watches_on_stree... wedding_bride.jpg wedding_offering... wedding_women_02...
young_men Birendra Funeral begging girl
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Nepal Village Trekking - Roshi Bazar -
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Roshi Bazar - a village in Nepal 2002
Roshi Bazar - a village in Nepal 2003
'at Roshi river in Nepal' b/w photos by Tobias Buelow

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